Today, adding creativity to your CV is considered cool, innovative, and one of the best ways to stand out. Save your resume as PDF to avoid formatting issues and unauthorized editing. Use no more than 3-5 sentences to guarantee readability and keep – the hiring manager interested. Architected a collection of middleware which dramatically improved the client’s codebases, making them more DRY, more secure, and more efficient to develop further.

node.js developer resume sample

Express is an apt web application framework that features a set of powerful and effective features that come in handy when creating mobile and web apps. It enables developers to create robust APIs in a simple and easy fashion which considerably saves developers’ time. Furthermore, when combined with Node.js, they can be used to design a fully-fledged website with Node.js helping develop the server-side, as Express.js gets deployed in publishing the apps. If you are currently updating your resume to apply for your next career opportunity, here you’ll find Node JS resume samples for inspiration. As the popularity of Node JS continues to grow, more and more developers are seeking opportunities to showcase their skills and expertise in this technology. We have compiled a couple of Node.JS resume samples for different seniority levels, see which one relates to you the most.

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You can put together your Node JS projects for your resume besides compiling them in your programmer portfolio. A degree in Computer Engineering or software engineering is commonplace among job applicants. Sergej is a full-stack developer who brings innovation and growth to the table with almost seven years of experience in building scalable platforms and feature-rich applications. Robert is a highly motivated professional with enterprise-level experience. With a combination of excellent communication skills and a laser-like focus, Robert is capable of moving big ideas from design stage to implementation. As a full-stack developer, Robert utilizes a wide breadth of skills and knowledge to tackle the specific problem at hand.

  • It’s common practice in the technical job market to run all resumes through automated software to search for job-specific keywords.
  • Worked on projects that involved integrating third-party libraries and RESTful APIs.
  • When it comes to formatting your Node.js Developer resume, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.
  • Here’s an example of a summary that can be used on a Node.js resume.
  • Becoming a Node.js developer requires specialized, high-level technical skills as well as the ability to analyze complex problems, design innovative solutions, and collaborate on teams.

This resume format shows your most recent and relevant work experience in an organized way that recruiters and hiring managers are familiar with. Mentored junior developers and conducted code reviews, improving code quality and knowledge sharing across the team. Writing resumes can be stressful if you are immersed in coding. You’ll see the perfect blueprint for an Angular developer resume that displays your tech mastery and ways to help a company stand out in the digital world.

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Follow it up with other resume parts, like summary/objective, work history, education, skills, and extras. Developed reusable components and services that improved code efficiency by 20%. Developed RESTful APIs and microservices using Node.js and Express.js, improving backend performance by 40%. Worked with a distributed backend team to manage and store user data for use in a customer service platform. We take the best principles of agile approach to software develolpment and expand it to other project’s areas, to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency of our expert’s work. We will provide you with interdisciplinary team of tech business talents, from project managers annd strategy consultants to sales and marketing experts.

It has millions of presentations already uploaded and available with 1,000s more being uploaded by its users every day. Whatever your area of interest, here you’ll be able to find and view presentations you’ll love and possibly download. You’ll receive a real-time score as you edit, helping you to optimize your skills, experience, and achievements for the role you want.

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Senior developers are also expected to lead projects and teams, so they need leadership and management skills. So in addition to highlighting your past successes as a developer, you may want to emphasize collaborative projects you’ve worked on, teams you’ve managed, and any promotions you’ve received. Your accomplishments from past jobs will stand out even more to recruiters when you lead into them with strong action verbs. Because technical abilities are so essential in a Node.js developer role, these skills should go in a dedicated skills section on your resume.

node.js developer resume sample

Make sure you have a headline for your resume that clearly displays your designation and years of experience before delving into the details of your work experience and educational qualifications. ‘React Node developer with 5 years of experience at top MNCs,’ for example. You can look at React Node developer resumes for more references as your React Node developer resume will be built around this.

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Wrote custom directives and services in AngularJS to create a reusable component library. TalentGrid, you don’t have to worry about constantly checking job listing platforms to find your dream job. This guide will help you write an effective resume that immediately grasps the recruiters’ attention. In a table, list your educational background, the institutes you attended, the grades you received, any other credentials you have, and so on.